Russian innovative equipment for respiratory therapy and hypoxic training
Equipment for recovery and rejuvenation of the body, rehabilitation after covid-19
For rehabilitation centers, health resorts, medical clinics, aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, SPA and WELLNESS centers with minimum payback period
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Welcome to the official website of the Russian manufacturer of GIPO-Hyperoxy-1 OXYTERRA interval hypoxia training device! Interval Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Training is the scientific name popular method of breathing mountain air, which improves health and increases performance. Now there's no need to travel to the mountains for a mountain workout - you You can get this effect practically without leaving your home. In a few Forty minutes of breathing exercises, lying in a comfortable chair, your body renews itself, becomes more stress-resistant. The condition of all organs and systems Improves, starts the process of rejuvenation of the body. For more than 10 years our team of scientific and technical specialists Every day for 10 years our team of scientific and technical experts has been working on the improvement of our equipment. As a result we have created one of the most modern and technologically advanced devices in the world - GIPO-OXI-1 OXYTERRA.

of the machine oxyterra

Maximum number of gas mixture modes and parameters compared to competitors

Hypoxicator allows the use of manual settings to make changes in the program of the procedure during the operation of the device

Membrane principle of air distribution - modern environmentally friendly technology of creating an air mixture inside the unit

Increased capacity: 25-50 liters per minute, fast transition to hypoxia phase

The display of altitude on the touch screen of the device improves the patient's perception of the procedure

The built-in oxygen humidifier prevents the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract from drying out

Complete independence and autonomy of the unit: the device does not require additional equipment, oxygen cylinders, filters and expensive consumables

Low price and availability of consumables: for a complete course of breathing procedures one patient needs only an individual face mask and an individual filter. Cost per mask ≈ 350 ₽

Cost per procedure: from 20 rubles

Minimum payback period of the machine: from 7 months.

Portability, modern ergonomic design with a choice of colors and branding of the medical organization

Application areas
of the machine Oxyterra
Applications For PULMONOLOGY
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of COPD patients (pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pharyngitis, adnexitis, etc.)
  • Increasing resilience to COVID-19
Applications For CARDIOLOGY
  • Increased resistance to ischemia
  • Myocardial infarction prevention
  • Reduction of angina attacks
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Increasing resistance to acute hypoxia
  • Decrease in the severity of vegetovascular dystonia
  • Rehabilitation after a stroke
  • Increased tolerance to physical exertion
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Enhancing performance
Scopes of use FOR NEVROLOGY
  • Improving and restoring sleep patterns
  • Quick regeneration after stress
  • Increased stress tolerance
  • Treatment of neuroses, asthenic and depressive conditions
Applications Dietology and Endocrinology
  • Improve fat metabolism and metabolism
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Weight loss
  • Reducing cholesterol levels
  • Decrease in blood sugar
  • Prevention of complications in diabetes mellitus
  • Treatment of thyroid diseases
  • Treatment of diseases of the endocrine system
  • Biological Rejuvenation
  • Preparation for aesthetic surgery
  • Increasing the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments
  • Synthesis of endogenous Q10
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Synthesis of endogenous antioxidants
  • Mitochondrial regeneration
  • Preventing premature aging of the body
  • Biological Rejuvenation
  • Improving and restoring sleep patterns
  • Synthesis of endogenous antioxidants
  • Improving the quality of life of the elderly
Applications For gynecology and obstetrics
  • Reduced intensity of lower abdominal pain
  • Restoration of menstrual cycle disorders
  • Normalization of ovarian function
  • Pregnancy planning
  • Preventing complications during pregnancy and childbirth
  • IVF planning
  • Mitochondrial regeneration
  • Correction of primary and secondary mitochondrial disorders (mitochondriopathies)
  • Stimulation of tissue regenerative potential
Applications PEDIATRIA
  • Improvement of external respiratory function
  • Activation of the immune system
  • Increased physical and mental performance
  • Reducing manifestations of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Improvement of motor function, speech, attention, sleep
  • Relief of pain, reduction of inflammation
  • Increased physical endurance
  • Accelerated adaptation after physical activity
  • Significant improvement in athletic performance
  • Relieving overtraining syndrome
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Permit documents

The device for hypoxitherapy has all necessary documents and certificates, corresponding to the norms of legislation of the Russian Federation.

Our clients

We cooperate with leading companies in the field of science and medicine. Among our clients are the largest clinics and medical centers in the capital and major cities of the country.


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