What is more effective training in the mountains or on a machine

What's better than mountain training or machine training?


Exercising in the mountains is extremely appealing: mountain air, snow-capped peaks, secluded mountain lakes and flowering meadows. But when you take the beautiful views out of the equation and leave the benefits to the body alone, mountain training on the OXYTERRA is every bit as rewarding as mountain training and in some ways even better. Hypoxic training on the GIPO-OXI-1 apparatus is especially relevant to those who have health problems which may be corrected with the help of hypoxic therapy, but do not have an opportunity to go to the mountains.

Mountain air from the machine

In individual hypoxic training, the oxygen content of the breathing air is reduced by only a few percent, depending on the health condition of the patient. For example, the oxygen content of the


The body always reacts in the same way


Your body doesn't care if you're up in the mountains or breathing low oxygen air through a hypoxic training machine: it will accept a slight lack of oxygen as an opportunity to optimize energy production. This adaptability increases the appeal of exercise not only for professional athletes, but for everyone, because we all need more energy.

For many people, mountain training may seem more enjoyable, but hypoxic training on an OXYTERRA machine is more precise, effective and affordable.