Natural formation of new blood vessels during hypoxia

Natural formation of new vessels during hypoxia

Rudolf Virchow — eminent German physician who once said: "A man's age is determined by the age of his blood vessels." And this is true, but did you know that our body is endowed with a unique ability to form new blood vessels when necessary?

In a healthy person, this process occurs without much effort, thanks to which the number of blood vessels always corresponds to the needs of the body: there are never too many or too few blood vessels, there are always exactly as many as you need at the moment.

However, in some diseases, such as heart failure or diabetes, this ability is limited. To facilitate this process, it is generally recommended to exercise, do hypoxic interval training, or eat certain foods.

Natural ways — sports, hypoxia, diet

Physical activity, especially sport, is known to promote the formation of capillaries, known as angiogenesis. This is especially important for the blood vessels of the heart and brain, as these tiny vessels play a key role in their blood supply. About 75% of blood circulation occurs in the network of the thinnest vessels.

Regular exercise can cut your risk of dying from a heart attack by half. However, in case of health problems, angiogenesis may be delayed and other measures must be taken.

Hypoxic interval training, in which a temporary lack of oxygen is formed in the body, also promotes angiogenesis. Hypoxia has a complex effect on the body, it leads to the activation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and to an increase in the density of capillaries throughout the body, but especially in areas of damaged tissues.

Some foods also promote vascular growth. Studies have shown that foods rich in ursolic acid and quercetin have the ability to stimulate angiogenesis, including:

  • ginseng,
  • rosemary
  • mint,
  • peel apple and dried fruit
  • blueberries,
  • cranberry,
  • cherry,
  • raisins.
  •  apples,
  • red leaf lettuce,
  • cranberry,
  • green chili,
  • capers
  • bow

These measures allow you not to worry that the formation of blood vessels will get out of control. The complex system of angiogenesis is stimulated and maintained only to the extent necessary to protect your health. 

So, whether it's exercise, hypoxic training, or a healthy diet, take steps to ensure the health and vitality of your blood vessels and live a long and healthy life.

Techniques and products that promote the formation of new blood vessels in the human body.