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Interval hypoxic-hyperoxic training adapts the human body to the state of hypoxic stress. It activates angiogenesis, increases the body's sensitivity to insulin, affects the transport of oxygen to the cells of the body. This improves the body's ability to regenerate. Destroyed worn-out «old» mitochondria, in their place appear physiologically "younger" mitochondria. Thus, the processes of renewal and rejuvenation of the body are launched.


  • Cardiovascular disease; 
  • Cerebrovascular disease; 
  • Metabolic disorders; 
  • Metabolic syndrome;
  • Viral diseases (including post-covid syndrome); 
  • Bronchopulmonary diseases; 
  • Sleep disruption;
  • Drug and alcohol addiction.


  • Rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level
  • Metabolism boost, weight loss
  • Restoring sleep mode
  • Relief of pain, reduction of inflammation
  • Fast regeneration after stress, improved function of the nervous system
  • Building resilience
  • Slowing down the aging process (Antiage)
  • Increasing physical endurance and performance
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Accelerated adaptation after exercise
  • Significant improvement in athletic performance
  • Rehabilitation after COVID-19


There are no contraindications to the use of the OXYTERRA device.

Relative contraindications include:

  1. acute somatic and infectious diseases;
  2. chronic diseases in the stage of exacerbation and decompensation;
  3. grade 3 respiratory failure with hypoxemia and hypercapnia, recurrent pulmonary hemorrhage and hemoptysis;
  4. heart failure 3-4 functional class;
  5. grade 3 hypertension;
  6. angina III-IV functional class;
  7. congenital anomalies of the heart and great vessels;
  8. hypertensive crisis;
  9. oncological diseases in the acute period;
  10. conditions requiring intensive care (shock, carbon monoxide poisoning;
  11. Individual intolerance to lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide.


We provide free support for your staff at all stages of work with the purchased equipment.

  • Instrument training*;
  • Access to a library of teaching materials, photos, webinars, marketing materials and recommendations for promoting the hypoxic-hyperoxytherapy technique on the OXYTERRA device;
  • Conducting round tables and seminars by specialists of our company;
  • Methodological support (5 days a week) - online consultations MD, professor, member of the dissertation council of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Russian Scientific Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Russia" Tsyganova Tatyana Nikolaevna;
  • Technical support via hotline.


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