Congress "Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine"


From December 15 to December 16, the OXYTERRA team participated in the 6th Russian Congress with international participation "Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine".

The focus of the Congress is the search for the most effective methods of patient rehabilitation and the promotion of national projects "Healthcare", "Demography", "Tourism and hospitality industry" and the federal project "Development of the export of medical services".

On the first day of the congress, our speaker, Professor Tatiana Tsyganova,* read the report "Justification of the use of hypoxic-hyperoxic training (GGT) in the treatment and prevention of complications of coronavirus infection". 

She told the audience:

  • about the hypoxy-hyperoxy method,
  • about the main indications for its use with the help of the Russian OXYTERRA device,
  • and how, using real examples, breathing exercises help patients recover faster after a coronavirus infection.

You can watch an excerpt of the report here

Address: Moscow City Hall, 36 Novy Arbat Street.

Oxiterra at the congress

Thank you letter

*Tsyganova Tatiana Nikolaevna, MD, Professor, member of the Dissertation Council of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Russian Scientific Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Russia".