PreventIon module "Mitochondrial health and mitochondrial dysfunction"

From January 20 to 23, the OXYTERRA team took part in the PreventIon Institute event «Mitochondrial health and mitochondrial dysfunction".

Mitochondrial medicine is a relatively young discipline, but in various aspects it is extremely important for related fields such as cardiology, endocrinology, etc. It has already helped to change the perception of the prevention, treatment and correction of diabetes, heart failure and other diseases. That is why we believe that such projects are extremely important for the growth of domestic specialists, and the OXYTERRA team is only happy to help in this.

At the event, it was possible not only to look at the HYPO-OXY-1 device in action, but also to listen to the report of our speaker, a specialist in the field of mitochondrial medicine, Dr. Egorov, "Interval hypoxia as a modern way of mitochondrial rehabilitation and restoration of health". 

Address: Russia, Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo, 41, p. 1.