Russian Healthcare Week-2022

From December 5 to December 9, the annual event "Russian Healthcare Week-2022" was held. This is one of the largest projects in the field of medicine and health protection in Russia. It covers almost the entire healthcare industry, including equipment manufacturing, science and practical medicine. This event is part of the structure of scientific and practical events of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

This year our production company presented at two exhibitions at once, "Healthy lifestyle" and "Pharmedprom", Russian rehabilitation equipment for interval hypoxic-hyperoxic training OXYTERRA. The technique is widely used in medical rehabilitation, includingin postcovid syndromeand in restorative treatment for a number of diseases.

The HYPO-OXY-1 OXYTERRA device has become an important exhibit at the Healthcare Week, as it is included in the list of methodological recommendations "Physical factors in the rehabilitation of patients who underwent COVID-19» approved by the Association of Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation of the Health Committee of the City of St. Petersburg from 18.04.2022.

Address: Moscow, EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds (m. «Exhibition », «Business Center»).

Russian Healthcare Week-2022 Oxiterra