Russian Industrialist 2022

Russian industrialist 2022

From November 29 to December 1, St. Petersburg hosted an important annual event for domestic manufacturers – Forum «Russian Industrialist ».

The OXYTERRA device is a vivid example of an innovative Russian-made medical device.In comparison with other devices for interval hypoxic-hyperoxic training, OXYTERRA has:

  • wide range of settings for the supply of the gas mixture by oxygen content: with hypoxia from 9 to 16%, with normoxia 21%, with hyperoxia from 31 to 33%;
  • the ability to switch modes during training;
  • high power and accuracy: produces up to 45 liters of gas mixture per minute;
  • maximum accuracy of the pulse oximeter (heart rate and SpO2 readings are updated with a frequency of 0.3 seconds);
  • the maximum number of modes: "hypoxia-hyperoxia", "hyperoxia-hypoxia", "hypoxia-normoxia", "hyperoxia", as well as inversion mode "hypoxia-hyperoxia" and long-term hyperoxic phase with continuous oxygen saturation;
  • the "Hypotest" function automatically determines the required starting oxygen level in the hypoxia phase, as well as automatic and manual modes;
  • safe membrane method of air separation into nitrogen and oxygen, air purification device, condensate drainage and evaporation;
  • modern design and durable metal case, 17-inch touchscreen with high-resolution screen;
  • built-in memory for storing treatment protocols for more than 1 million patients with the function of downloading and printing reports with color graphs via USB port.

Next year, visitors to the forum "Russian Industrialist 2023" will have a surprise: perhaps we will present a new device in the line of rehabilitation equipment. 

Address: St. Petersburg, Expoforum.